Tongue-tie has become a ‘hot’ term in recent times to explain all kinds of feeding challenges. These challenges are very real problems for parents especially mum however; we always need to remain cautious and vigilant when the intervention involves cutting a baby! Tongue-tie occurs when the thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (the […]

Employing the services of a private midwife is something more and more women on the Coast are doing. Both the continuity of care and having a pre-established relationship with the midwife attending your birth allow for a more empowered experience. Many midwives are medicare registered and so rebates are available. Two women talk of their […]

Babies know how to feed and they know when to feed and they signal their needs with Feeding Cues. Early cues include stirring, stretching, opening the mouth and licking lips. They progress to head turning, increased physical movements, and putting the hands to the mouth. Baby may mouth around and suck, seeking the breast. Late […]