Employing the services of a private midwife is something more and more women on the Coast are doing. Both the continuity of care and having a pre-established relationship with the midwife attending your birth allow for a more empowered experience. Many midwives are medicare registered and so rebates are available. Two women talk of their experience with a private midwife:

“The journey through pregnancy, birth and post birth is something very personal to you and your family. Therefore for me I needed someone who was not just trained to deal with the technical side of it. I needed a midwife to be a friend someone who I could trust completely and who could trust me. Your midwife knows what you want. I found having a private midwife made it easier to relax into the birth process because I trusted everyone around me. All I had to do was focus on myself and breathing my baby out and into life.

As a first time mother I didn’t want my child’s birth to just be another name on a list. I wanted her to mean something to the person who was overseeing her birth. That is why having a private midwife was so important to me. Our midwife had been through the journey with us and was therefore emotionally connected to myself, my family and our new child and to us that made the world of difference.

Thanks to all the support and trust I received I had a birth that has made me a stronger and a more empowered women and mother”. Mikaela R –

“Having a private midwife for my second pregnancy was the best decision I could have made for achieving my ideal birth experience.  Already having a 2 year old, I found the home visits that I could fit around my schedule so convenient and took any stress or inconvenience out of regular antenatal checkups.  I always felt the checkups were really thorough and I was given ample time to discuss any queries or concerns.

I had to have a cesarean with my first child and was really keen to have a natural delivery second time around. I felt strongly that I wanted to use a birthing pool for pain management and potentially delivery, however at the time the hospital did not recommend water delivery for VBAC’s. After a discussion with my midwife weighing up the positives and negatives of using the birthing pool, I decided, with my midwifes encouragement to make a special request to the head obstetrician to allow me to use the birthing pool.

My request was granted and  I delivered a beautiful baby boy in the water at the hospital and was able to return to my home within hours of the birth feeling truly happy and empowered by my experience. As a result of my request and positive experience and the hospital has now adopted the VBAC water birth policy. The tools and knowledge given by my midwife really helped me to feel confident in my ability and supported in my decision to have a successful VBAC the way I wanted to have it”. Annabelle G – Buderim

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