Having a positive birthing day takes preparation, research and education.

We all have fears around birth. Moving from a place of fear into a place of confidence will not only ensure that you are better prepared for birth but it will help you to be more comfortable during labour and birth.

An increasingly common way parents-to-be are preparing for birth is with hypnobirthing. HypnoBirthing is an internationally recognised, evidence based program with proven results in Australia and around the world. It usually consists of five 2.5 hour sessions that are a mix of theory around the physiology of birth, and practical exercises for you and your partner to use during birth. HypnoBirthing classes are unique in that not only are they a comprehensive antenatal program, but they will give you the tools and techniques to help you feel calm, confident and comfortable in birth.

By learning breathing techniques, and how to effectively relax your mind and body you learn to feel more in control and experience less discomfort during labour and birth. HypnoBirthing families frequently report shorter more comfortable births, and women who use the techniques are less likely to need medical interventions such as inductions, epidurals and c-sections.

HypnoBirthing is becoming more and more recognised by birth professionals as an increasingly effective way to ensure you are prepared for pregnancy, labour and birth. It is the program that many midwives, obstetricians and other birth workers are recommending as it’s so thorough and ensures you are well educated about the role of both your body and your mind in the birth process.

Alecia has been involved with HypnoBirthing for 9 years now and has taught all over Queensland. She runs regular HypnoBirthing classes on the Sunshine Coast and can be found at www.aleiciastaines.com

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