Sunshine Coast

The Diamond Women Project

Because women are like diamonds. Not in the “oh, what a pretty accessory” kind of way; but in the priceless, multi-faceted, resilient, and awe-inspiringly sparkly kind of way.

New motherhood can dull that shine sometimes. It can bring you to an exhausted, overwhelmed halt… to a place where your identity is questioned, your confidence is tested, and your value and self-worth are temporarily lost.

In our experience, sometimes this can be amplified if you choose to start a family later in life. Often, once a career has blossomed and a woman feels like her ducks are in a row, she heads to the next item on her “How to conquer a kick-ass life” list: HAVE A BABY.

However, once the beautiful babe is born, a woman’s once secure, independent and full (remember that social calendar?) life is turned upside down. “No chance this baby came with a manual?!”, we hear you say. Sorry Mama, there’s no manual. But we totally, utterly get it.

Kate Leiper, founding Diamond Woman and perinatal psychotherapist identified a lack of support, education and opportunities for conscious mothers, committed to parenting with integrity and awareness who also strived towards individual aspirations. These women valued their mothering role above all else, but knew there must be a way to integrate their family and personal goals to create a new paradigm shift for ambitious women.

The Diamond Women Project was born to support women through this incredible life-changing transition and shift in identity.

Join our tribe of supportive modern mama’s who not only want it all, but want to do it all fabulously. We facilitate ‘Mama Like a Boss’, our nurturing, uplifting postnatal program with child-minding; as well as regular ladies nights for sparkly mamas on the Sunshine Coast.

Stay tuned for the launch of our exclusive postnatal online membership program in 2018!

It’s time to get your sparkle back, Diamond Woman. The world needs your bling!

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