Shine Postnatal Services

Tiffany and Elise are both midwifery students and mums from the Sunshine Coast, who are passionate about providing families with support after they have welcomed a new baby into their family. They believe that your families priority in those early weeks should be focussed on resting, caring for your baby/children and prioritising your emotional wellbeing. If you are finding this adjustment to parenthood overwhelming, you are definitely not alone. Our goal is to relieve some of the daily pressures for your family by providing cleaning services and healthy meals, so that you can focus on the other challenges new additions to your family bring – feeding demands, hormonal shifts, physical and emotional changes, and navigating the changes to your relationship as new parents. Perhaps you are also tending to older siblings at home and supporting their adjustment to life with a new baby. We are simply here to help make life a little easier so you can focus on what is truly important at this time.

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