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Perinatal, Child and Family Hub

“How do you really feel”……… The perinatal journey can have its challenges which can be hard to talk about. Asking for help and talking about how you feel can be helpful.

Carla Anderson is a Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about providing psychological support for individuals, couples and families throughout the perinatal journey and childhood. She recently launched the Perinatal, Child and Family Hub to be able to offer a range of allied health professionals to support families through this period, including psychologists, counsellors, expressive therapist and dietitian.

The PCFHub provides support for:
* Perinatal depression and anxiety (antenatal & postnatal)
* Grief and loss (miscarriage, stillbirth & neonatal death)
* Fertility difficulties and IVF
* Premature birth
* Birth debrief and birth trauma
* Support adjusting to the transitions to parenthood
* Women’s sexual and intimacy difficulties
* Trauma
* Child and youth counselling

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