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Homeopathy for Birth E-courses

– Homeopathy for Birth E-courses
– Placenta Homeopathic remedies (from your own placenta)

As both a midwife and homeopath, Heidi brings these unique and super practical courses for the layperson or professional alike.
Blooming Moon Homeopathy was set up some years ago to share the benefits and make practical and accessable, the use of homeopathy throughout labour, birth and the postnatal period.

Having worked as a midwife across Australia, Heidi has witnessed countless times, the very real challenges that a woman may face in the birth arena, and the lack of alternatives on offer unless well prepared.

Having homeopathic first aid remedies on hand and knowing how to use them can be a great way to avoid more drastic intervention and pharmaceutical drugs with their well known long term side effects. Homeopathy can not only prevent mishaps, but can be a turning point, shifting things back into balance gently when there appears to be no other option. It offers an alternative when things don’t go as planned and may prevent the cascade of intervention and medicalisation of birth. By learning remedies and being able to choose which to use through pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally, women and their birth partners become more in charge of their own birthing journey.

Knowing how to use some basic homeopathic remedies for labour and birth is an act of empowerment, of taking control and responsibility for your own and your baby’s health.
Even better is to have your birth support people know how to use remedies so they can support you! Send them this course!

Placenta Homeopathic Remedy
Want to have a lifelong remedy for your baby? You can make a homeopathic remedy from their placenta . This can be used as a constitutional remedy for their whole life! So whenever they are feeling a little run down or sick, a dose can bring them back to wholeness.
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