Heart Therapeutics Boutique Apothecary

Based on a deep love of herbal medicine combined with self care ritual, Naturopath and chef Misha Moran formulated a beautiful lineup of Organic, hand blended, loose leaf teas . Each blend is mindfully created to nourish and support people looking for ways to stay vital and balanced during different phases of their life.
The concept of Heart Therapeutics was birthed not long after Misha gave birth to her daughter Harlow. In a period that can be so unbalanced and physically demanding, Misha put together blends that were specific to the different stages of pregnancy, birth and post partum period, but most importantly tasted delicious so could easily be drunk on a daily basis.
Herbal infusions are a gentle and effective way to gain the benefits of the herbs including the nutrients contained in the plant, along with being wonderfully hydrating and easy to drink.
Visit our site or follow along on our instagram to get more information about which blend is right for you. Or alternatively, feel free to contact Misha at any time with any questions you might have. This is a very important time in your life and I would love support you in any way I can. xx

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