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Happy Bub Baby Massage

Whether you have a happy baby or a Bub that never seems settled, Happy Bub Baby Massage is designed with you in mind. I guide you step by step on how to massage your baby helping to strengthen your baby’s health, along with the love and trust you share with each other. I teach you complete sequences and techniques, especially designed for baby massage, with tailored strokes to help alleviate many infant issues.I’m a certified IMIS instructor with a passion for connecting parents and carers with their babies.

I offer comprehensive private and group baby massage courses in Mooloolaba and the surrounding area. You’re welcome to take a class at my house, a selected home with a group of friends or a private class at your own home. All courses cover the same content. I run small group and private sessions so you get to know me and other like-minded people.

I understand that babies aren’t always ‘in the mood’, so my classes incorporate massage dolls so you can still participate. If you need to leave to change or settle your baby, the revision section of each class ensures you’re kept up to date.

I encourage a friendly, inclusive environment so all children are welcome in my classes.


The baby massage course combines strokes from Indian and Swedish massage and elements of reflexology. We explore a full body massage sequence and additional stroke sequences for specific issues. Each session you will be taught new strokes/sequences, so you can begin massaging your baby at home from day one.By the final week a routine of gentle movements are enjoyed, combining principles from yoga.
^ the benefits of massage
^ when is the best time for your baby for massage
^ safe positions and places to massage
^ the oils to use and also to avoid
^ some common body language signals and how to interpret them
^ strokes for massaging all parts of the body
^ specific stroke sequences to help with special circumstances- ie colic, wind and constipation or children with special needs
^ massage adaptations for your growing child
^ lymphatic exercises
^ contraindications – when massage is best avoided or modified
Alongside all these new skills and knowledge you will develop a greater understanding of your child and also your new self as a parent.

The classes are fun, interactive and informative. Held over 4 weeks we get to cover all the necessary information, and have lots of practise as well. I demonstrate on a doll and you are able to try the strokes on your baby. This way you get to see how to do the strokes, as well as have a go. If your baby is asleep, or not in the mood I have extra dolls for you to use.

Group courses are mostly held at my place in Mooloolaba, but if you organise your own group 4 or more mums, I am happy to come to you, at a date and time that suits your group.

The classes run for about an hour and a half, and all the facilities you need for you baby are available.
A massaged baby is a happy baby.

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