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Mealtime dramas are now a thing of the past, with the release of the new range of bamboo childrens plates from Emondo Kids. Taking inspiration from Australian native animals, each uniquely designed character, is manufactured to the highest quality standards, from sustainable & eco friendly bamboo. The chore of preparing meals for your little one is now a thing of the past.

“The minute I saw Waldo the wombat, I was obsessed and I wasn’t disappointed when he arrived! Waldo is now part of the family and gets to join in with our breakfast, lunch and dinnertime chats”

“Love our Lizzie plate and so does my little girl. Such a great way to make mealtimes fun and the quality of the product, packaging, care instructions and customer service was wonderful”.

Since the brands inception in Dec 2016, Emondo Kids has quickly built a loyal following of inspiring Mums and Dads to take back control of their children’s mealtime.

“Our Goal is to take away the pain and frustration that is always associated with mealtimes, for our young ones” states Sharon. Owner and designer of Emondo Kids. “Whilst we strive for a peaceful and productive lunch the reality is far more painful. Hours of preparation, coming up with new and inventive offerings. Tantrums and tears and refusals to eat. Splattered food everywhere. And copious amounts of wastage. All this amounts to money in the bin and time you will never get back”

The hastag #foodlay has taken on new life blood since the company’s social media engagement, with the literally thousands of posts being tagged, thanks to Emondo Kids invlolment.

With the introduction of Waldo, Karri, Puddle and Lizzy, the countless hours lost, can now be spent engaging with your children and sharing the experiences that all parents want to be apart of.  With a number of new products currently in production, Emondo Kids is well on its way to establishing itself as a leader in the field of childrens dinnerware.

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