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:: pre-fertility & fertility support
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:: Energy Healing & Meditation

Esther-Maria Lindner’s conscious conception and birthwork is shaped by and unites the varies modalities and trainings she has received since she was 15 years of age.

Esther-Maria recognises that conception (or fertility), pregnancy, birth and early parenthood is a huge rite of passage on all levels (body, mind, spirit) for the couple, and believes in empowering the couple by providing support on all of those levels.

Physically through her applied experience as a doula, bodyworker, mayan abdominal therapist, and her trainings with Birthwork and Spinning Babies. She understands your body’s mechanics and can offer you self-care practices and physical direct one on one support, including massage, body movement and rebozo techniques.

Mentally, emotionally and spiritually through her 18 years of experience as a spiritual healer, teacher and facilitator. Utilising different breath and visualisation techniques, as well as healing energies to support deeper states of surrender and calm, allowing the recognition and healing of hidden blocks and fears.

Esther-Maria is passionate about supporting you holistically to have an empowered rite of passage in this sacred journey.

In her essence she is a deeply compassionate wisdom keeper, and has shared her spiritual gifts and connectedness with clients, audiences and students internationally. She is deeply passionate and committed and shares the wisdom she gathered and channeled with immense sincerity and integrity.

When she is not teaching about Conscious Conception, she practices as a doula, practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy and Reiki Jin Kei Do Master. She has been apprenticed to a variety of Medicine Peoples and Shamans from various traditions and is deeply committed to the teachings and practices she received from them.

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