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Sleep Solutions for your family

A personalized one on one approach to fixing your sleep issues – for good! I believe in finding a solution for your family that suits your parenting style. I take the time to get to know you and your little one, and in doing this I am able to create a plan of action that gets everyone the sleep they need using a method you feel comfortable implementing, and because of this the plan is effective. As a Certified Child Sleep Consultant I have studied and applied a variety of sleep approaches and have a thorough understanding of the science of sleep. I understand the reasons behind that 3am cot party every night, why they wake at 5am to start the day, why, at 4 months old they suddenly “forgot” how to sleep or why they have just NEVER been a “good sleeper”. I also understand that sleep problems are not just an issue with babies, they can carry on into toddler hood and beyond, and I am here to help you. It is my job to analyze your little ones current sleep environment, their sleep/ wake windows, sleep crutches, developmental milestones, nutrition and any heath concerns. I then take into consideration their personality and help you develop healthy sleep habits that are age and developmentally appropriate.

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