Samantha from Baby Logic talks about her international experience as a qualified Mother Craft Nurse, the differences she sees back home in Australia, and the importance of postnatal support in the first sixteen weeks:

When I worked as Mother Craft Nurse overseas I really noticed the different support networks that were in place for new parents. The willingness to seek professional assistance early is so different to what I have experienced in Australia.

Here in Australia, we unfortunately have a ‘pat on the back’ mindset. We often hear the saying, “You’ll be right” but with the statistics of Post Natal Depression (PND) rising throughout Australia (1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men), I believe there should be more help available for parents of newborns.

While working in London I was able to assist new and first time parents through the first 6 weeks, in their own home, helping them adjust to parenthood, while educating them about their baby and his/her needs.

In New York, I extended this service to 16 weeks. The education I provided emphasised the care of the baby including feeding and support. The extra 10 weeks allowed time to teach sleep techniques that focused on sleep patterns of infants to help recognise and establish routines. Parents were able to gain an understanding of the importance of routine for baby that in turn, allowed more sleep for themselves.

So when I returned to Australia I founded Baby Logic to help parents gain a better understanding of babies and their development. I am passionate about both educating parents about their infant and also giving them the skills, support and time to adjust to parenthood. The Baby Logic program is offered for newborns over a 16 week period and can be tailored to your needs and budget. It includes teaching parents the techniques and ‘sleep tools’ needed to enable their baby to settle and self sooth.

By teaching parents to recognise newborn’s individual cries and their meanings, we can identify the infants needs and cater to them efficiently. This allows your baby to settle quickly and consequently your anxiety falls away.

These days we have extensive self education in all facets of our daily lives and yet we tend to ignore education for early parenthood. I believe a combination of sleep and support has a profound effect for both parents but this also requires a change of mindset with respect to seeking professional assistance as early as possible.

Samantha is a mother of one. She loves the work she does and she feels passionately about helping parents to get the sleep they need before they become desperate. She can be found on 0437818385 or at

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