We sat down with Megan from Megan Willis Photography and discussed all things newborn photography, safety, and what it takes to nail those shots. Here are some takeaways we loved: 


I am always so inspired by how amazing women are. They grow and birth complete new humans, and I will never get tired of photographing babies in the early days.

Getting baby beautifully posed is a bit of an art form. A lot of parents haven’t had experience with a newborn session, so they are definitely pleasantly surprised with the level of experience and expertise required to get “the” shot.


There is a lot of thought that goes into creating styled shots. Aside from the creative aspect, we always ensure babies are safe. They are never left unattended, and they are supported with hands on with advanced poses, when on posing surfaces or in props. Baby is never forced into a position and their circulation and breathing is always considered. As much time as needed is given for feeding and settling, so it’s a relaxed experience for everyone.



Poop happens. We all have funny stories of baby poo explosions. It is okay to ask your photographer what their sanitation practices are, and how often they launder their props (pssst, after every session!).

Babies cannot regulate their own temperature. Whilst keeping the room at the right warmth for baby is important;  mottled skin, hot skin, a red face, or lethargy are all symptoms to watch out for as they are indicators of overheating.


Workplace hazards take on a whole new level when working with babies and kids. It sounds so simple but I am always aware of trip hazards, cords in the way, props that can tip over or other equipment that could be unsafe around babies and toddlers. And in the editing process photoshop is my friend. This is how I can safely get some more styled shots whilst keeping bub very safe.

It’s really important that parents choose a photographer who is experienced and well versed in safety. There are many photographers, and even though newborn photography is a very specialised genre, the industry does not have standardised requirements. It is up to parents to ensure the photographer chosen is professional, experienced, insured, up to date with their vaccinations and treats baby safety with the utmost importance. 

Any professional will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Megan Willis is a mother of two and a professional photographer, specialising in Sunshine Coast newborn photography. Inspired by your brand new little person and the love you have for them, she’ll capture their first days, a moment in time which passes too soon.


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