Herbal medicine in pregnancy – more than just a cup of tea:

There is something to be said about the ritual of taking time to sit and pause, even if it’s just for a few minutes, especially in the precious days of pregnancy and in the postnatal period.

Incorporating daily self-care into your life and making sure that you are not only nurturing your physical body but your mental and emotional well-being too is so important.

A simple and easy way to practice self-care daily is by stopping and pausing while enjoying a herbal tea. In pausing and enjoying a cuppa you are not only giving your nervous system a chance to slow down, but you are able to reap the benefits of the herbs too.

Herbal medicine is steeped in a rich and culturally diverse history. It’s been well documented as far back as the early fourth century and is still celebrated by many cultures around the world today. In the 21st century, science validates a lot of the traditional uses of herbal medicine, creating this wonderful relationship between old and new.

As a true holistic medicine herbs are beneficial for treating the whole person not just a collection of isolated parts. Furthermore, medicinal herbs are not only useful for when ailments occur but are amazing at supporting wellness in people to help them stay at the vital state of health preventing illness down the track.

A popular herb to use in the third trimester is based on the oldest ‘women’s tonic’ herb, Raspberry leaf, which has been used since ancient times by midwives to help prepare the uterus for child birth. It has a an action directly on the smooth muscle of the uterus and helps to regulate contractions. It is safe to drink from the beginning of the third trimester and combined with chamomile and nettle, this blend is specific for nurturing and supporting pregnant mother as she prepares for her birth journey and entering into her fourth trimester.

Breastfeeding, a time for increased physical, nutritional and emotional demands from the new mumma means she must keep herself as vital as possible. Using a traditional breastfeeding support tea can increase and support breastmilk production, and help you relax and adjust to breastfeeding. It is important to keep the body supported through this period of high nutritional demand with tonic herbs and furthermore staying hydrated is another huge component of breastmilk production.

Creating time for yourself despite the never ending to-do list is a beautiful way to enhance self-worth, self-love and self-belief, and to build strong foundations for the beginning of your journey as a new mother.

So Mama, take some time today to pause and enjoy a herbal tea. From My heart to yours, may you find peace and love in every sip!

Misha xx

Misha is the founder of Heart Theraputics. Her background is Natuorpathy and Herbalism. As a brand, Heart Therapeutics’ foundations are built on the philosophy of ‘connection to self, connection to the earth and connection to each other’. Each herbal blend has been mindfully created on the Sunshine Coastusing premium, organic ingredients with the intention of giving you all the medicinal benefits from the herbs while also creating an opportunity for you to take that moment and unwind and look after YOU. You can find more blends in our range that are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding at www.hearttherapeutics.com.au

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