Parenthood is such a ride, wild at times and amazingly heart expanding at others. Life is busier than ever with little feet running about, so it’s easy to forget to stop and really be present with our little ones and to find the time to check in with them and let them know how truly incredible they are.

Building a solid foundation for our children to truly believe in themselves and know they can do anything is one of the biggest gifts we can give them. Our support and encouragement are so powerful.

One way to empower your little one is with words. In particular ‘I AM’. These are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them can shape your reality.

Imagine if you were supported daily in knowing how truly incredible you are, how loved, safe, strong, unique and how amazing you are. This is exactly what excited the socks off Emily and Kristy founders of Love Cubs. They are passionate about building solid foundations for children to truly believe in themselves. This passion and the knowledge of the power of ‘I AM’ statements led them to create affirmation cards for parents and children to use together. Each card is hand crafted with love and intention, beginning with a paintbrush and ending as digitalised.

These are their top ten ‘I AM’ statements they suggest saying with your children daily:

1. I AM Strong

2. I AM Safe

3. I AM Loved

4. I AM Grateful

5. I AM Smart

6. I AM Kind

7. I AM Important

8. I AM Perfect

9. I AM Friendly

10. I AM Amazing

The language that we use around our children becomes an intrinsic part of their internal belief system. Children who are spoken to with negative language are more likely to have limiting beliefs about themselves and the world, and children who are spoken to with positive language are more likely to develop a positive mindset. However sometimes using empowering language doesn’t come naturally and we may need some assistance in doing so. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit, and having daily reminders can help to strengthen the habit you are working on. You could start a morning practice of doing affirmations together as you get dressed, or keep some visual reminders around of the I AM statements, or even create some personalised alarms on your phone to keep you in the positive. 

The more we can use empowering and positive language around our children, the more empowered and positive they will be as adults. 

Love Cubs was created by two stay at home mums Emily Smith and Kristy Jamieson. Between them they have four kiddies under 5 and they were experiencing the struggle of stopping and taking the time to be present. You can find out more by visiting today.

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