The transition from the womb to the ‘outside world’ is a major transition for all babies. Offering touch on a regular basis helps infants to adjust to this new world. In our busy lives as parents we can get caught up in general day-to-day activities and miss the opportunity to connect one-on-one with our children. Infant […]

Tongue-tie has become a ‘hot’ term in recent times to explain all kinds of feeding challenges. These challenges are very real problems for parents especially mum however; we always need to remain cautious and vigilant when the intervention involves cutting a baby! Tongue-tie occurs when the thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (the […]

A birth doula’s purpose is to help mothers come as close as they can to having the kind of birth they desire, leaving them and their birth partner with the best possible feelings about themselves and their capabilities. They work to educate mothers and their partners about childbirth, to help mediate the stress and discomfort […]

When I gave birth to my first child seven years ago, I had heard of the benefits of consuming the placenta. So my partner Pete, a chef, lovingly prepared little bite-sized pieces for me to take daily. However, I am a vegetarian and lasted one day before the “ick” factor made this just too unpleasant. […]

Babies know how to feed and they know when to feed and they signal their needs with Feeding Cues. Early cues include stirring, stretching, opening the mouth and licking lips. They progress to head turning, increased physical movements, and putting the hands to the mouth. Baby may mouth around and suck, seeking the breast. Late […]